Trampoline Park

Trampoline Park

Are you looking for a fun and family-friendly outing that allows the group to blow off some steam? Do you need an exciting physical activity that’s indoors? Look no further than Top Flight Trampoline & Game Park!

We’ve been serving the Sterling Heights community with fun and excitement for years. Here, there’s something for everyone in your group, whether you prefer to freestyle jump or want to spice it up with a game of dodgeball.

Why Should I Take My Group to a Trampoline Park?

There is nothing like an adrenaline-inducing adventure in our trampoline park to put some spark in your everyday routine. In addition to the loads of fun your group will have, there are many additional benefits to a trip to Top Flight, including:

  • Time away from the screens for everyone

  • Kids burn energy

  • Perfect indoor fun for less-than-ideal weather

  • Great physical benefits

  • Allows kids to try new things and improve confidence/self-esteem

  • Trains balance

  • And more!

Benefits of Jumping

Fun aside, jumping on a trampoline offers a multitude of benefits. If you think trampoline parks are just for kids, think again! Just some of the many benefits include:

  • Low impact exercise

  • Cardiovascular fitness

  • Coordination and agility

  • Stress relief

  • And more!

Get ready for a family fun experience that everyone of all ages can enjoy! Plan your visit and get your tickets today.


"Great place to celebrate! We just had our daughters fifth birthday here and it was a hit! Staff is friendly and helpful, very accommodating, extremely CLEAN!”

- Leslie C.

"I loved celebrating my son’s 2nd birthday here over this weekend, Top Flight was the best so detail oriented...our party host Keyonna was super sweet and attentive the whole party! Thank You!”

- Chloe K.